Urban Farming Institute: Inside Look and Tour

Published: 02/24/16

Get an inside look as we tour you around the Urban Farming Institute – see the FarmShare Adventure CSA, Warehouse Market and Resource Center, Community Gardens, our Nursery and the Discovery Farm and Gardens.

Also, see the Hydroponic Tower Garden and community members and volunteers as they enjoy a day on at the Urban Farming Institute.

How To Keep A Citrus Tree: Florida Citrus Greening Asian Psyllid

Published: 07/19/16

Jon Albee of the Urban Farming Institute takes explains how to keep your Citrus Tree safe from Citrus Greening and the Asian Psyllid.

Citrus in Florida is a billion dollar industry and it’s also in your backyard. The Asian Psyllid will have a major impact on how to keep your tree healthy.

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