• 11/12/2016
    Man Eating Plants
  • 03/19/2016
    Tomatoes Tomatos

    Tomatoes Tomatos. Learn what went right and what went wrong with your harvest. The professionals at the Urban Farming Institute will discuss what can be done to ensure you have a proper harvest from start to finish with those […]

  • 03/12/2016
    Watering Your Garden

    Gardeners watering habits vary widely. One group gets busy in their non-garden life and allow their poor plants to sit dry and thirsty until they’re withered before they get water. Another sector pampers their plants by drowning them in […]

  • 02/13/2016
    Soil Maintenance and Enhancement

    It’s all about the soil! Learn why you need to enhance and amend your soil for maximum plant growth and nutrition.