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Look for the Label

For us, it’s much more than what works.

There are so many kinds of growing systems and products that are designed to help the backyard gardener become successful growers of super good produce. But experience has shown that most of these systems have serious challenges in accomplishing the stated objective.

After many years of growing food, we decided to identify successful growing systems from those products that we would describe as entertainment. Now this is not to say that entertainment is not a good thing. You can certainly have a great time gardening and growing all kinds of things, but if you’re looking for what works and what has proven to be successful over time…then read on.

The Big Question

“How do we identify truly productive growing systems?”
The Simple Answer … A label … a simple sticker on those systems and products that have stood the test of time and have performed as designed.
Look for the label.

If it says “Certified by the Professionals at the Urban Farming Institute” you can rest assured that we’ve grown successfully over a period of seasons.

We’ve learned the product and can really be of help to you and your growing experience. Having had a pro successfully work with a product or system can save you time and money while adding to the overall enjoyment of gardening.

Why use the word Certified?

We could have used any number of words like: tested, proven, researched, recommended, and others. But we went with Certified. Certified means that we know how the systems works, what to grow, what not to grow and what the results should be. Our successful experience, here at UFI, should be the same for you as you grow at home.

Your success is our success

When you see the label “Certified by the Professionals at the Urban Farming Institute you can rest assured that we’ve used the system and its proven itself over time.

Look for the Label – Certified Urban Farming Institute


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