Farm-to-Table Chef Demo

at the Warehouse Market and Resource Center

Farm-to-Table is a national movement that is quickly becoming available at many local restaurants. Local chefs and their restaurants, are finding greater value in serving the freshest ingredients produced by local farms.

This is a terrific way to learn about food, where it comes from, how it’s grown and prepared, along with a possible visit from the chef and maybe even the farmer.

The Urban Farming Institute takes this emerging concept to a higher level by involving you directly with a Farm-to-Table sampling experience. Here at the UFI Resource Center, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the chef and farmer at the same time while you learn about interesting ingredients, cooking techniques, growing practices and much more each week.

The produce used in the cooking demonstration are sourced from either the UFI farm or one of our many farm partners and our professional chef and farmer will show you the easiest way to enjoy the farm-to-table experience in your own home.

These informative cooking demonstrations set the pace for finding easy, inexpensive methods for impressing friends and family using locally sourced ingredients. So come and enjoy this weekly cooking demonstration and sampling series. It’s always fresh and right from the farm.

You can also watch the Farm to Table Chef Demo demonstrations on You Tube through the UFI You Tube channel.

Watch us on YouTube

Watch the Urban Farming Institute cook up the very best of health, farm-raised foods from the UFI farm and local producers.

Have the passion for farm-fresh foods and recipes?

Contact the Farm-to-Table Chef to learn more about how you can take home farm-fresh, nutrient foods and savory recipes.


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