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Our Programs

Urban Farming Institute's Micro Apiary logo

This Apiary will be the first permanent and managed apiary in the County and will provide classes in urban beekeeping for all those interested in learning about bees as a hobby or as a profession.

Urban Farming Institute's Community Garden logo

Learning to grow your own food right at home can best be learned in the “living classroom” at the Urban Farming Institute. Read more to learn how you can grow with us.

Urban Farming Institute's Discovery Farm and Gardens logo

Oakland Park City sponsored community gardens at the Urban Farming Institute is available for growing your own foods while learning and successfully growing. Let us help you.

Urban Farming Institute's FarmShare Adventure CSA logo

The FarmShare Adventure CSA at the Urban Farming Institute is fantastic for those who want truly fresh, healthy, clean foods from both UFI and local farms. See for yourself!

Urban Farming Institute's Farm-to-Table Chef Demo logo

This is a terrific way to learn about food, where it comes from, how it’s grown and prepared, along with a possible visit from the chef and maybe even the farmer.

Urban Farming Institute's Garden for Schools logo

The Urban Farming Institute will assists you, our fantastic teachers, in educating your students on how real fresh food is grown, produced, and consumed, one garden at a time.

Urban Farming Institute's Warehouse Market and Resource Center logo

Details to come shortly.

Friend of the Farm

As a ‘Friend of the Farm’, you will receive a host of benefits offered through the Institute. Your donation and participation will support our many programs.

Get outside more!

We LOVE Volunteers! As a non-profit, educational farm, the UFI relies on the help of individuals and group to help us with the day to day operations of our community farm.

Sponsored Events


Party & Corporate Events

As a ‘Friend of the Farm’, you will receive a host of benefits offered through the Institute. Your donation and participation will support the many of our programs.


Local School Field Trips

Let’s show today’s children where real fresh food comes from. Introduce them to a myriad of growing techniques from hydroponics to soil based growing. Watch these future leaders put down their smart phones and pick up seedlings as they open up the door to a new world.

Our sponsors

Broward Regional Health Planning Council
Touch Broward
Fresh for Florida Kids
Broward Farm Bureau
Broward Education Foundation
Fresh from Florida
Broward County 4H Foundation
Florida Agriculture in the Classroom


The Urban Farming Institute flourishes with the support of the community and their gracious donations. From farm equipment to seeds, our mission to educate the community on growing fresh and organic foods would wilt without your help.

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Solar Energy

UFI believes in solar. We use it and we can show you how. Renewable energy helps America reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce pollution.

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Think Green

Sustainability is about more than just using energy efficient products. It also carries a responsibility to prevent waste to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment.

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Solid Waste and Recycling Services (SWRS) offers a waste management and recycling system for the residents of Broward County. Recycle electronics, batteries and more.

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